May 2018 – Places I went, stuff I’ve done (day-by-day)

I travelled quite a bit (within London) this past May, and since I enabled Google Timeline I just feel like it might be interesting to compile all the places I’ve went for the past month on this page. The first half of the month is quite evidently duller than the latter half, given that I’ve only finished my exams on the 16th.


1: Registration and interview for a TEFL course in Fitzrovia


2: Lunched with a friend at an upscale restaurant in Knightsbridge


3: A paid research at UCL. Watched Avengers Infinity War at my local cinema.


4: Nothing much. Mostly money matters


5: Bloomsbury Book Fair–Didn’t manage to buy anything this time around though


6: Revision. Nothing much.


7: Again mostly just revision.


8. Exam


9. Barnes and Chiswick House


10. Somerset House Tour


11: Watched House of Commons Debate


12: Routine volunteering at Benjamin Franklin House


13: Click here


14. Just revising at Senate House Library


15. More revision…


16: Exam


17. Postal Museum¬†(I went for free since I have a Student Art Pass. Although I wouldn’t recommend visiting if you’re without such because the exhibition is just not that exciting to be worth setting you back nearly 20 quids)


18. Bank of England Museum (Fascinating, extremely informative, and free)


19. Chelsea and Battersea


20. National Maritime Museum, Fan Museum and the Docklands (I’ve been trying to write a post about them)


21. Not sure what to do so headed to the British Museum to kill some time.


22. Twickenham (An absolutely mesmerising suburb. Quite far afield but tons to see–Definitely worth revisiting a few more times)


23. Went to Oxford (Wolfson College) for a televised event.


24. ABA Rare Book Fair and Saatchi Gallery (Erh…Contemporary ‘Art’)


25. Watched the sentencing (life imprisonment) of murderer at the Old Bailey (To me that was the most exciting moment of the month, hands down)


26. An early morning stroll in The City, volunteering at Benjamin Franklin House


27. Bloomsbury Book Fair. During which I made one of my best buys to date–a 1905, illustrated, limited edition book that was signed by its artists and author (one of only 100 printed, and I highly doubt if there’s more than 20 surviving to this day)


28: Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (a fascinating working class cemetery–340,000 burials packed in a tiny plot the size of a football ground–I can spend days there just to read the stories on the individual tomb inscriptions. The place is now also a natural reserve). Walked around Mile End Park and cycled all the way back to town, where I joined a guided tour of the selected individuals of the City that fought and dead for the British cause in WWI.


29. Eltham Palace. An absolute hidden gem. One of the most serene places in Greater London that I have yet discovered. I’ll try to write an entry for this particular trip.


30: Viewing London from Sky Garden (i.e. the very top of the ugliest building imaginable, the Walkie Talkie)

I do consider this to be the best view in London, because a) Its free b) It is the only place in London where you can avoid seeing this particular eyesore itself.

Ending the month by doing something extremely touristy! I strolled upon the absurdly touristed Lambeth section of South Bank right on the other side of the Parliament, then attending a talk of the Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower right within the Houses of Parliament. While all alone, I spent not a single penny over the entire day, even though I travelled via a Mercedes S350 and had an entire plate of sushi for lunch.

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