A little update

If any of you are wondering what I’m up to for the past month or two, here you go:

  • I am continually trying to visit new places–localities I’ve never been before around Shenzhen and Hong Kong. In particular, I am looking for abandoned/less frequented historic neighbourhoods. These trips proved to be indeed endlessly fascinating.

4 September: Western New Kowloon

14 August: Frontier MacIntosh Fort at Ma Tso Lung

13 August: a) Urban villages of Baishizhou and Hubei b) Dongmen

9 August: Pingshan’s Neglected Walled Villages

2 August: Guanlan Market and Surrounding Villages

26 July: Tuen Mun Kau Hui Village (Old Market) & Tsing Shan Monastery

(- I also visited Hualien and Taroko National Park in Taiwan with my family mid-July)

  • I am trying to teach myself: Basic German, English Literature and Excel
  • I am trying to gradually withdraw myself from social media
  • But all this is not to say that I’ve spent my summer constructively—Quite the vice versa…my routine is still going to bed nearly two (not to mention my insomnia) and waking up natural (i.e. 10-ish). Other instances that exemplifies this include:
  • I had a plan on getting my driver’s license. Probably not going to happen anytime soon.
  • I thought of appearing on a television show. Most likely delayed until next year or not happening at all.
  • I spent the vast majority of my time either reading, lazing or reorganizing/refurbishing my house, which has, since I left for the U.K., became something resembling a junkyard.
  • P.S. and just for fun, I’ve also grown a little moustache (which is starting to become substantial now). Unless we happen to meet before September you’re not seeing me wearing it because I’ll shave it off by the start of next term…and no, I’m not posting pictures.

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